G12 student Mark R. successfully competed with the 10 Ton robotics team at a competition in Calgary this past week. Todd Ablett, coach/instructor escorted this team from the robotics academy. Toad says, "I am so proud of my students who went to this weekend's FRC Western Canada Regional... They represented themselves, their families, their school so well." ... See MoreSee Less

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G 12 student Anna Markus, artist in residence at Alcuin College.
Anna was recently recognised by the North Shore News and given Young Artist of the Week designation. Alcuin is extremely proud of Anna's talent and artisitc endeavours.

Please go to the link below to read the full NSNews piece.

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A Very Happy Birthday to Ms. Tsang!! An April 4 celebration, many happy returns and all the best for the coming year!! ... See MoreSee Less

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Last Friday's K-G4 PE class at The Edge. In the words of Ms. Tsang, "The children had a blast! It was a first for some students and it was neat to see them having made huge progress by the end of the class". ... See MoreSee Less

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Sensei Recipient of the week is Mr. Eddie de Beer, beloved English teacher.

Renee Pasula's decision was made a few days ago while sitting in the Great Hall reading to herself. Out of the silence a booming voice erupted causing every person in the room to be startled.


She says, "For me, this was a very special moment where all of the students and teachers in the room became connected through Eddie's passionate outburst. I later found out that this was in response the question, "What is the thing that everyone NEEDS?"

You know what else we need? We need more people out in the world like you, Eddie. We need people who burn brightly with the same passion, care, enthusiasm, and dedication as you. We need more people who are able to stop an entire room in their tracks with one single word and cause them to reflect on love, to connect with one another, and to be inspired in an instant. Thank you for that moment Eddie. I knew from the first time we met and discussed our compatible teaching philosophies that you would be an important mentor in my life. I'm happy to say that you've not fallen short of living up to my expectations.

Thanks for all you do here at Alcuin".
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Your school awaits you!

Furniture has been moved, field studies sought out, pencils sharpened … Welcome (back) to Alcuin for the year 2016-2017!  Our teachers and staff are thrilled to have their students back, because it is for them that we do what we do, reimagining education every day.

Enjoy a 365° view of our Great Hall:

How My Hobby Changed My Life
Alcuin’s Hailey C., fifteen, loves to drink tea and read books. To Hailey, “regenerate” (the theme of this year’s TEXxKids@BC) means “to restart” or to “begin again.” Her talk was about how she regenerated her passion for reading books into opportunities in the publishing industry.  It touched on how her hobby and passion for reading has helped her overcome depression.

She hopes her talk can inspire people never to give up their passion or hobby, no matter what people say.  Very well done, Hailey!


Site of Alcuin’s future “Forever Home”

“Teenagers learn best by doing things, they learn best in teams and they learn best by doing things for real — all the opposite of what mainstream schooling actually does.

Geoff Mulgan
A short intro to the Studio School

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein

Alcuin College for the Liberal Arts is a progressive, independent K-12 school rooted in curiosity-led learning. Skillful teachers adapt the course of study to how each student best learns, thinks and inquires. We comply with, and surpass, provincial requirements to produce well-rounded graduates equipped for university and lifelong learning.