Alcuin College for the Liberal Arts is an independent, non-denominational  university-preparatory school in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

We specialise in providing an innovative, hands-on education based on the Liberal Arts (that is, the fundamental Arts, Mathematics and Sciences, together with the skill of philosophic dialogue).  As an independent school on the North Shore, Alcuin is able to provide its students with very small class sizes, personal attention and a challenging curriculum enriched by the resources and expertise available in our local community.

Our community of experienced Master Teachers and well-trained Apprentice Teachers is pleased to accept students of all ages, from K-12 (kindergarten to grade 12).

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Why do we call ourselves a college rather than a school?

We do so because of the nature of the relationship we seek to have between our teachers and our students.  In a school (named from the Latin word schola), there is a schoolmaster and a silent group of students or disciples; by contrast, in a college (from the Latin conlegium, and related to the English colleague), the students are not silent.  In a school, there is a scholar and his disciples; in a college, there is a community of scholars, some of whom are teaching, and all of whom are learning.  That is why we, both teacher and student, wear the school uniform; and that is why we insist on being called a college: because we are all companions together on the great quest for knowledge which is all scholars’ calling.

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