Financial information

2017 – 2018 Tuition Fee Schedule

Non-refundable tuition deposit (due March 28, 2017): $3,725
Installment (due June 1, 2017): $6,675
Balance (due September 15, 2017): $4,500

Sibling discount
For families with more than one child enrolled in the school, the following fee schedule applies:

Non-refundable Tuition deposit (due March 28, 2017):
Second child:  $3,350
Third child:  $2,975

Installment (due June 1, 2017):
Second child:  $5,550
Third child:  $4,925

Balance (due September 15, 2017):
Second child:  $4,500
Third child:  $4,000

Payment in lieu of grant:  The above fees are dependent on the school receiving the per student operating grant from the Province of British Columbia.  Where this grant is not received for a particular student, the student’s tuition fees will be increased by $3,000 (estimated) in lieu of the grant.  In order to qualify for the provincial grant, a student’s parent(s) must be permanent residents of British Columbia and either a Canadian Citizen, landed immigrant or otherwise lawfully admitted to Canada.  A separate fee schedule applies for International Students.  Please contact the school for an International Student’s package for more information.

Payment of Fees: Fees are payable by cheque according to the schedule above.  Arrangements may be made to pay in 10 equal installments (March 15th to December  15th, 2017).  There is an administration fee for the extended payment plan.  Please submit 10 post-dated cheques of $1,540 each ($1,390 for the second child and $1,240 for the third child enrolled in the school).  Note that payment by installments does not constitute a fractional commitment.  Tuition for the full school year is payable whether payment is made in full or by installments.

Please contact Stella Ablett at 604 360-8656 should you have any questions.


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