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‘Academic Toolbox’ Speaker Series

NSN-St Alcuin Ad-wed feb 13th website versionThe educational environment is evolving and we are learning and teaching with new tools. Digital media has had a profound impact on the world, changing the way we communicate and access information in the 21st century. The volume of information and connection available to our children is astounding, and as a result their ‘growing up’ experience is very different from our own.

Taylor Loren

Taylor Loren

Taylor Loren is an experienced community manager who is passionate about empowering others with social media skills. Taylor got her start at HootSuite building and growing HootSuite University’s online community, and she is now optimizing the student experience as Student Success Coordinator. Taylor also facilitate the HootSuite University Higher Education Program which brings social media education into the classroom and provides students the skills they need for today’s workforce.

Eddie de Beer, co-founder of St Alcuin College, utilises technology and social media in innovative ways to teach English, Social Studies, Big History and drama.

Papert led revolution in learning


Seymour Papert, left, and Gary Stager visit an independent day school for girls in Sydney, Australia.

“The visionary educator, Seymour Papert, saw the potential of students using computers to explore the world and themselves.”  Papert’s work, published in 1993, proved to be visionary and, sixteen years later, the principles he espoused seem more relevant than ever.  Please take a few moments to read an insightful review by Michael Maser.

The Vancouver Sun, January 8, 2013


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Four tools for determining web cred

StreetCred“Not all information tasks are the same. And because sources that may be perfect for analyzing Hamlet’s motivation, may not be right for examining what’s happening now in Damascus or how far down we might fall from the fiscal cliff, learners need new credibility assessment strategies.”

School Library Journal, December 9, 2012